“But Dave, why should I talk to you about buying or selling a house? You are in Floyd, and I live in…”

by DavePhillips on November 15, 2011

A friend told me a few months ago that her parents were selling their home in Richmond. I asked if they already had an agent they were using, and she replied that they had just gotten a new one, because they weren’t satisfied with the one they had previously used.

“I wish you had told me, I could have helped them out.”

How can you possibly help? You don't live there.

“How could you help, you are in Floyd, and my folks are in Richmond.” she asked.

And it’s a good question, one most people don’t readily know the answer to.

The main reason is that I probably know a real estate professional in your area that goes above and beyond in helping their clients, and if at all possible, I would love to put someone I know in touch with them. Also, I’m sure that if I recommended a Realtor to one of my friends, then they would want to ensure I was pleased with how well everything worked.

How do I know a Realtor in your area? Mainly because I try to attend things like National Association of Realtors convention and the Virginia Association of Realtors convention whenever possible and get to know other Realtors there.

If I am lucky, then I know someone in your area that I met at a Real Estate BarCamp. The people I meet at those events really go out of their way to learn the most effective and technological ways to sell real estate. People like Dawn Bricker in New Jersey, Jay Thompson in Phoenix, Debe Maxwell in Charlotte, Debbie Malone in Lynchburg, Heather Elias in Loudoun County, Sarah Stelmok in Fredricksburg, Brian Block in Richmond, Tara L. Christianson in NOVA, Amy Smyth Harris in Houston, and Ben Kinney in Washington St. Why would I recommend people like that? Because I know that they know what they are doing, and are some of the best out there (otherwise most of them woulnd’t be speakers at seminars across the country.)

And if I didn’t actually know a Realtor in your area? I would probably check out who is the most active on a couple of real estate communities I am a part of, like ActiveRain or has their Internet Marketing Specialist Designation.

And I sincerely doubt that if I recommended you or someone you know to one of these people, you would end up like the parents of my friend from the beginning of this post, which is being unhappy and switching agents in the middle of selling.

If you already know a Realtor in your area, great. But if you don’t, then instead of picking someone at random from a yard sign or the phone book, give me a call and I’ll set you up with an agent that can help you, almost anywhere in the USA. Even if I am “Just in Floyd”. :)

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