Happy Father’s Day – Im so blessed to work with my Dad

by DavePhillips on June 17, 2012

A lot of times I reflect on how lucky I am to do what I do. I get to spend a lot of time outside, preparing properties or showing them to interesting people from all over the country. The fact that most of these are in Floyd County Virginia, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, makes it even better (although I might be a little biased on my feelings about Floyd).

But the main reason I feel blessed is because I get the opportunity to work with my father each and every day.

David Phillips and Doug Phillips - A Father and Son Team

Now, it hasn’t always been sunshine and roses, especially early on. But the initial disagreements have become less frequent, and we have been able to grow into a true team.

I readily admit that I can’t hold a candle to Dad’s experience and knowledge (although I’m trying to catch up) and if you ask him, he will probably talk about how I’m doing marketing stuff he would never have thought of and how much the phone is ringing because of that. It’s a really great feeling when other people tell me what a great team the two of us make. It makes me proud both to have him as a father, and to be part of that team effort.

Another thing a number of people tell me is that I’m currently getting my PhD in Real Estate, being able to work with him each day. That is probably the most satisfying part, learning how to value properties, if necessary how to divide them the best way, and how to market them and structure deals. Whenever he starts quizzing me, I feel more pressure than I ever felt in my Master’s coursework, and a greater sense of fulfillment whenever I can value a property to the exact same dollar that he did. It hasn’t escaped me how lucky I am to be able to learn under him. But that isn’t even the most important thing.

Most people don’t get to spend much time with their parents as adults. I am truly blessed to be able to spend quality time working with my father, and making the most of our time here together, that most people miss out on. And of course, since I work so close with Dad, it also allows me to spend a lot of quality time with Mom too! Love you Mom.

I am lucky and blessed for many reasons, but being able to work with my father is close to the top.

Happy Father’s Day

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