Floyd Va Real Estate – High Meadows Estate 300 Acres

by DavePhillips on March 1, 2012

The High Meadows Property in Floyd County Virginia is one of those unique pieces of real estate that only comes along once in a life time, and is truly something that has to be seen to be believed.

At just over 300 Acres, once you set foot on the property it is ALL YOURS. You would never have to see another person again unless you wanted to. A mile and a half long graveled road winds through the middle of the property. From there you can enjoy the big three, privacy, water, and views, in a setting where you wouldn’t even know that there were any other people in the world.

It has already been divided into tracts ranging from 12 to 50 acres, and this division has already been approved by the Floyd County Planning Commission. If someone wanted to, it would be very easy to sell or gift these tracts to friends or family, knowing that each tract maintains complete privacy. Or, you could enjoy the property all by yourself.

There is only one entrance that a vehicle can access this property from, which is gated. This assures your privacy from unwanted visitors. It has also been paved very recently, and is a VDOT approved commercial entrance.

The mile and a half gravel road leads you to various points of interest on the property. This road is nice enough that a sports car as low to the ground as a viper or corvette could easy travel on.

At the top of the roads diverge, with one path lined with hardwoods. It’s a very pleasing experience driving or walking down this road, almost like you are escaping into an even more secluded section of the property. This road leads to the first of 4 houses on the property. This cabin is tucked away in the woods, has a deck with an amazing view, and is close to a decent sized bamboo grove.

The main part of the road continues on to a 4 bedroom farmhouse out in the cleared section of the property. There are also two barns in the vicinity of this farmhouse. Also close to the house is one of the ponds on the property, and one of the many streams that flows through it.

Up along the top of the ridge you have a wonderful view of Buffalo Mountain.

While this property is tucked away in the mountains and offers complete privacy, it also allows you the convenience of the outside world, if you choose. It is located in the county of Floyd, a small one stop light county that is big on culture. In fact, the town of Floyd was featured in Mother Earth News last year as one of the best places to live that you have never heard of. It features the Old Country Store, where people from all around the world pack the house and flow out into the streets every Friday night to listen to old timey fiddle music. Floyd is also host to the nationally renowned FloydFest music festival. If you want to go out on a beautiful drive, then the BlueRidge Parkway runs through the county. Directly off of the parkway are local wineries such as the state renowned Chateau Morrisette, which hosts Jazz festivals bi-weekly during the warmer 6 months of the year.

This property is also less than an hour away from Virginia Tech, a top research university, who I also hear has a pretty good football team. And if the need arises, a major hospital in Radford is only 40 minutes away. Finally, if you did decide to travel elsewhere, both Interstate 81 and Interstate 77 are less than 40 minutes away.

There are many, many possible uses for this property. It could be called an upscale hunting preserve, with plenty of deer, turkey, and an abundance of other wildlife. In fact, it was on this property that I shot my first buck when I was a boy.

This property could also be used for people who want to live off the land and off the grid. For anyone interested in sustainable living, this would be the perfect property to be able to raise all of your own food, with gardens, orchards, and plenty of cleared fields for cattle, goats, or other livestock.

This property would also appeal to the survivalists out there, in case things got a little crazy out there, and having this property to go to would be of great piece of mind in case, well, it hits the fan. You could even build a runway for a plane along the ridge.

Horse lovers (and their horses) would also love the High Meadows property. Just imagine the experience you and your horses would have exploring this property.

It could also be used for hosting large events, such as music festivals, with all the privacy you could want, and the capacity to handle large numbers of people.

And finally, anyone with a group of families who wants a place for communal living would find this to be an optimal location. This is especially true since the property has already been divided into 12 tracts, each with complete privacy from the others, and with perfect building spots. You would have to look very hard to find another property that could accommodate so many families in such a perfect environment.

Or, it could just be your own private paradise, all to yourself. With the property of your dreams, you could build the perfect house for you, and enjoy the wonders of this property for a lifetime.

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