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by DavePhillips on May 24, 2012

Here is a selection of some of the larger tracts of land we currently have available, ranging from 136 to 600 Acres, with close to 2,000 acres altogether for the 7 properties listed.

Below is a brief video tour where you can get a feeling for the location of the properties and the lay of the land. After that will be pictures and descriptions of each individual property (and a couple of them will have more in depth videos).

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (540) 745-3700 or email at PhillipsRealEstate@gmail.com

Note, boundary lines shown are approximate, and properties are owner/broker

Now for the individual properties

Gardner Farm – 161 Acres

Newly Cleared Field And View

This tract has a 101 acre piece on one side of Rt 787 that is cleared, and a 61 Acre portion on the other side of 787 that is half cleared and half wooded. Both sides have springs and plenty of running water. It is ideal for alfalfa or crops of any kind.

Cleared Field and the View

There are two brand new commercial entrances on the side with 101 Acres. This property has long range views.

Gardner Farm at Dawn

Gardner Aerial


Wade Farm – 136 Acres

Wade Aerial

This property fronts on two paved state maintained roads that are very close to Rt 221. A commercial entrance has been approved.

Once you get on the property you can just go out one long ridge. You could build a street with almost no grading through the first half of the property. It has long range views, water, and pond sites. Very good crop land.


Lost River – Approximately 265 Acres

Lost River

Lost River Aerial

We call this the Lost River because this property is almost hidden in plain site, with a beautiful river running through it.

While secluded, it is also very accessible, having a commercial entrance and joining two state maintained roads.

There is a lot of timber growing on this property. Views, water, and seclusion.


Boyd Farm – 167 Acres

Cattle on Boyd Farm

Boyd View

Hay after second cutting

Before mowing

For a longer description and video, please see the Boyd Farm page.

Simply put, this is one of the best farms of its size in the area. Over 85% of it is cleared, and would work out perfectly for keeping cattle on one half and mowing the other half.

When you get down on the property you feel like you are truly away from it all, and its as peaceful and serene as can be, with big woods surrounding most of the edges. It is also very accessible, fronting on two state maintained roads. For a more complete description, please see the link above.


Sutphin Farm – 335 Acres

Sutphin Long Range View

Sutphin 335 Acres Aerial

This property has A LOT of road frontage, and long range views from multiple spots. There are springs, streams, and pond sites throughout the property.

You can go to the middle of this property and be away from everything. There is a good balance of older and younger trees, and it could be made to look like a park.

This and the next two properties are three of the very few tracts of land over 300 Acres contiguous.


High Meadows – 300 Acres

High Meadows - Fall View

High Meadows - Pond Reflection

High Meadows - House in the Center

High Meadows Aerial

This is one of the most unique properties out there. For a much more detailed description, please view the High Meadows 300 Acres page.

In short, this is almost like a private paradise. There is only one entrance to the property, which is gated with a new commercial entrance. There is a gravel road a mile and a half long going through the center of the property which is nice enough for a sports car to travel on. Once you enter the property, you are completely secluded.

There are a few smaller houses and structures on the property, two ponds, and an abundance of water and wildlife. It has a good mixture of older trees and cleared land. It has an excellent view of Buffalo Mountain, as well as the “Small Buffalo”.

It has already been divided into multiple tracts that has been approved by the county.

If there were ever a property that needed to be seen and not just described, this would be it.


Double Horseshoe River – 600 Acres

Double Horseshoe River

Double Horseshoe River 600 Acres

Road inside Double Horseshoe property

Long Range View on Double Horseshoe

Fenced and Gated Entrance

Field and River

This is another truly spectacular property. It has miles and miles of river frontage and over 600 Acres with all of these properties added together. We call it the Double Horseshoe River property because of how the river bends back on itself twice, which helps give it so much amazing river frontage.

There are other streams, springs, and pond sites all throughout this property.

It has frontage on two state maintained roads and has private interior roads, both gravel and dirt, running throughout. It also has gated entrances on two different sides.

When you get on this property, its like stepping back in time. You don’t have to see anyone if you dont want to and it has amazing views of both the surrounding mountains and the river running through it. There is also an abundance of wildlife, and I have seen everything from the expected deer and turkey to the unexpected blue heron.

And for a relaxing stroll, nothing beats following the trails through the woods, with the sound of the river flowing beside you. It is something that words just don’t do justice, and you really should experience it.

Below is a video that shows in more detail the 300 acres that contains the two horseshoe bends in the river.


I hope you enjoyed these properties. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Doug or David Phillips at (540) 745-3700 (if you try after business hours it should re-route to one of our cell phones).

We hope that here soon we can get on the ground and look at these properties with you in person.

– Dave Phillips

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