Buyer’s Profile – Funny Car Racer Matt Hagan

by DavePhillips on June 11, 2010

Floyd County Virginia is a wonderful and unique place to sell real estate. When I first thought about doing a buyer’s profile for people buying property in the county, I thought it would be a great way for people moving here to get better acquainted with their new community. I never thought my first profile would be someone I watched on ESPN just days before the closing.

Christiansburg native Matt Hagan had just set a national speed record in his Funny Car win in Chicago 2 days before meeting with him to close on a 103 acre farm here in Floyd VA.

In addition to racing, Matt spends most of the rest of his time working on his 500 acre Angus cattle farm. In fact, we did the closing on his farm where he was busy baling hay when we arrived with the contract. He joked how the ESPN crew that did a profile on him asked if he really did all of this farm work, or if was just a show. Anyone who has ever worked on a farm knows that its not just a show.

We would like to congratulate Matt on his national record, latest win, and on his purchase of his new farm. We wish him the best for the rest of the season, where he is currently in third place in the national standings.

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